Grow Northwest – July 25, 2015:

For two months, more than 20 artists have sewed, glued, sparkled and glittered recycled and donated fabric, clothing and household goods to create their original art submission for The Downtown Upcycle ThrowDown, an art and sustainability challenge event created by Ragfinery and Wise Buys Community Thrift Store of Lydia Place.

Buffalo Exchange – July 13, 2015:

Bellingham has many non-profits that benefit the homeless community. One of them, Lydia Place, holds an annual fundraiser with a fashion twist—Handbags for Housing. They reached out to local retail and resale shops and we were happy to be involved in this great event.

Whatcom Talk – July 6, 2015:

The Lydia Place thrift store “Wise Buys” and Ragfinery are proud to present the debut of The Downtown Upcycle ThrowDown, an art and sustainable challenge event sponsored by Northwest Recycling, Inc. The event marks the first annual cooperative Upcycle Challenge featuring the two local and sustainably minded stores, coming together to make art from donated and discarded goods.