Campus Support Program

The Campus Support Program is a unique blend of resources supporting women in safely exiting homelessness and finding stability. The Campus Support Program includes the following:

Baker Place Campus

In late 2015, Lydia Place partnered with Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Services (DVSAS), with support from the City of Bellingham Housing Levy Fund, to purchase Baker Place. Baker Place is made up of three structures, including a seven-unit apartment building. These apartments are operated by Lydia Place and provide permanent supportive housing to women experiencing homelessness who face a multitude of barriers. The other two structures are operated by DVSAS and provide emergency shelter for women fleeing domestic violence. For both Lydia Place and DVSAS, this endeavor was a natural extension of their existing partnership where Lydia Place provides housing assessment and case management to the women and mothers at the existing DVSAS Safe Shelter. The Campus Services Program Case Manager provides housing intake, assessment, and case managing to the residents in both the DVSAS shelter and the apartments.

Bell Tower

In 2016 Lydia Place purchased Bell Tower Studios. This landmark property is comprised of five units of permanent supportive housing located in downtown Bellingham. This facility provides affordable options for women exiting homelessness that want to build community and who cannot afford the rent of a private market apartment. The Campus Services Program Case Manager provides on-site support services, and residents have access to the Lydia Place Housing Program team located on the second floor. Residents also have access to community events hosted in the Bell Tower Community Center.