Number of Children: 1
Adoption Status: Adopted
Gifts for Parent(s): Please include a $25 gift card from Walmart, Fred Meyer, Target (or other retailer) for the parent or parents in the family you have selected to adopt.
This family is thankful for:

My name is Theo, and I love living with my mom and dad. We have a pet cat named Timmy and a pet fish named Fishious. I love them very much. We live in downtown Bellingham where busy people and cars are always passing by our house. The traffic is loud but it is nice to be able to walk to the stores and bakeries nearby. My favorite bakery is Pure Bliss and my favorite grocery store is Costco. My mom is a cook and I love to cook with her. I help her cook, and even cook by myself! I made my mom breakfast when she had a broken ankle and now I can use the toaster and even reheat pizza in the microwave. My dad cooks a lot too, we spend a lot of time cooking as a family. My dad brows a big window garden for me and I help him water and take care of them. My dad is busy all the time with school and work as a TA at Whatcom Community College. He misses a lot of school from being sick with auto immune disease. My mom is also disabled and can’t work or go to school, so she does her best to do the housework and shopping when I am at school. Our family’s favorite activity to do together is play video games on our laptop or our Wii. We are definitely a gamer family, even if I am only allowed to play games on Saturdays. I am most grateful for having my mommy and daddy, I missed them so very much while I had to live with my grandma while they were homeless last winter. I am grateful for our wonderful home and having my own room full of toys and my soft friend Teddy who is my best friend. I am grateful for our snuggly kitty and our dancing fish. He changes colors when he is happy. Thank you!

Child #1

| Age: 6
Wish #1:

Play food supermarket basket

Wish #2:


Wish #3:

Cars or art supplies

Wish #4:



Additional wish--cat toy

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