Number of Children: 1
Adoption Status: Adopted
Gifts for Parent(s): Please include a $25 gift card from Walmart, Fred Meyer, Target (or other retailer) for the parent or parents in the family you have selected to adopt.
This family is thankful for:

I am grateful for everything that DVSAS and Lydia Place have done for my daughter and me. We’ve had a really rough go of it in our lives. I have to work 2 jobs to try and make ends meet, but they usually don’t, so my case manager Hannah is always there to help me work through the stress and help with rent. I won’t be able to provide a Christmas for my daughter this year. We don’t have any decorations or a tree. The only thing my daughter has asked for specifically is a 3DS XL Galaxy and Pokémon Sun or Moon. We don’t have any family or really any friends in this area. She knows of our struggle and is one of those amazing kids who will be happy with whatever she gets. I am so proud of her for what she’s been through to still be fighting the good fight. She is my rock. She’s also a very talented artist and her passion is drawing. So if the 3DS XL is too much, then professional style drawing materials and hard bound sketch books would be much loved gifts as well. We so very much appreciate your hospitality and generosity. I hope to someday be able to repay this kindness or pay it forward.

Child #1

| Age: 13
Wish #1:

Nintendo DS XL (Galaxy color, but any color is fine)

Wish #2:

Professional type drawing materials and sketchbooks

Wish #3:

Wooden movement mannequin for drawing positions

Wish #4:

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