Number of Children: 1
Adoption Status: Adopted
Gifts for Parent(s): Please include a $25 gift card from Walmart, Fred Meyer, Target (or other retailer) for the parent or parents in the family you have selected to adopt.
This family is thankful for:

When I first was pregnant I was homeless but through Lydia Place I was able to move into their group home until I finally was offered an apartment four years ago. I started going to college and I’m working on my AAS while trying to take care of my son. I am thankful for all the help we have received and being able to give my son a better life. I am thankful for my son to be able to have a wonderful holiday season.

Child #1

| Age: 4
Wish #1:


Wish #2:

Arts and crafts

Wish #3:

Small legos

Wish #4:

Magnetic tiles


Additional wishes--Play-doh toys, board games. Likes dragons, dinosaurs, and Batman

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