Number of Children: 1
Adoption Status: Adopted
Gifts for Parent(s): Please include a $25 gift card from Walmart, Fred Meyer, Target (or other retailer) for the parent or parents in the family you have selected to adopt.
This family is thankful for:

We are grateful for family, a place to stay, food in our bellies, clothes on our back, and toys for my precious little girl. She’s into things that light up. She really wants a Frozen little foam couch that folds out to a bed, a Frozen pillow, also a play tent for her room. She also likes to help clean and cook. Only child, she is so happy, proud, loud, loving, and very smart. We will be so thankful and happy and will appreciate anything you get for her, thank you with all my heart! Merry Christmas! God bless! Again, thank you so very much!

Child #1

| Age: 2
Wish #1:

Frozen mini foldout couch

Wish #2:

Frozen tent and pillow

Wish #3:

Light up toys

Wish #4:

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