Community Re-Housing Program

providing support and advocacy

In operation since 2008, the Community Rehousing Program is funded in large part by Whatcom County. In this program, Lydia Place case managers work tirelessly to find permanent homes for individuals (and a small number of families with children). Serving up to 40 households at a time, this program utilizes a wide array of housing options to meet the complex needs of those we serve. The primary focus of this program is to work with private landlords throughout the community to secure housing and provide short-term rental assistance and in-home case management once housing is secured. When housing in the private market is not an option based on either barriers to housing (past evictions, debt, poor credit, etc.) or limited income, case managers rely on other options such as a limited number of vouchers available through Bellingham Housing Authority, housing authority units reserved for those exiting homelessness, or other system controlled resources. 

Additional support includes legal advocacy, financial empowerment, domestic violence support, employment advocacy, referrals physical/mental health needs and chemical dependency treatment/counseling, and much more.

The average length of time a household spends in this program is 12-24 months.