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Boy 16 yrs, Girl 20 yrs, Boy 20 yrs

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Child 1: Boy 16 yrs
Shirt Size: Large
Pant Size: 32,30s
Shoe Size: 10
Wishes: Visa gift card, posters, storage self and a maybe a drum kit
I’m into: Sonic, car seat headrest and Garfield
Favorite Colors: Black, red and green

Child 2: Girl 20 yrs
Shirt Size: Small
Pant Size: 4
Shoe Size: 8.5
Wishes: Plants, Neutral color beads and yarn, Amazon gift card, or Target gift card
I’m Into: Crystals, working out, skate boarding, reading, plants, clothes
Favorite Color: Black, white, grey, green, pink

Child 3: Boy 20 yrs
Shirt Size: Large
Pant Size: Large
Shoe Size: 11.5
Wishes: Colorado buffaloes Hoodie/sweater. Hoodies (blue or white-(Colorado). Sweats any color, coat black size large (I’m tall with long arms). Video games basketball football
I’m into: Sports and video games, basketball, football
Favorite Colors: Black/gray and gold. Blue