At Lydia Place, we believe that housing is a basic human right. ​

However, we recognize that housing is only one facet of long-term healing for our families that have faced years of homelessness and complex traumas. Lydia Place provides wraparound support services that focus on holistic care and prevention strategies, targeted at further reducing risks of re-entering homelessness and improving childhood outcomes while actively responding to the tangible needs of today. As such, all families that are in our housing programs have access to parenting support and clinical mental health care.

Family Housing Program

The Family Housing Program is aimed at reducing and eliminating child homelessness and will provide intensive case management paired with a variety of targeted interventions to homeless families with children, including but not limited to: emergency motel placements, transitional housing, permanent supportive housing, and rapid rehousing services. The goal of this program is to assist families in exiting homelessness, maintaining stable housing, and providing nurturing environments for their children that will end the generational cycle of homelessness.

At Lydia Place, we value permanent housing solutions. Within our Family Housing Program, we have three sub-programs to help us deploy these services: Permanent Supportive Housing, Rapid Rehousing, and Campus Housing.

Mental Health Program

Lydia Place’s Mental Health Program provides flexible, low-barrier, mobile clinical mental health services to individuals and families currently experiencing or exiting homelessness who have barriers to engaging in traditional mental health services. These services include individual therapy, family therapy, therapeutic groups, workshops, crisis intervention and support, and mental health case management. Our work supports families who have experienced homelessness to not only maintain stable housing but to begin to address the complex trauma that led to or was a result of experiencing homelessness to break that cycle for themselves and their family.  

Parent Support Program

The Parent Support Program provides crucial support to caregivers experiencing or recovering from homelessness. Our programming focuses on fostering healthy attachment, understanding child development, and promoting positive parenting. We provide support, coaching, developmental assessments, and connections to resources in the community.