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Boy 8yrs, Girl 5yrs, Girl 6m

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Child 1: Boy 8yrs
Shirt Size: 8/10
Pant Size: 8/10
Shoe Size: 1
Wishes: Legoes, Soccer ball, remote control car, drone, bicycle, fish tank, tablet.
I’m into: Building things, robotics, deportes (sports)
Favorite Colors: Orange and blue

Child 2: Girl 5yrs
Shirt Size: 4/5
Pant Size: 4/5
Shoe Size: 10
Wishes: art supplies, crayons,easel, papel, coloring books ( princess, animals) dolls, teddy bears, princess bedroom decor, fingernail polish and decor.
I’m Into: Art, Minion catroon charecters,
Favorite Color: Purple and pink

Child 3: Girl 6m
Shirt Size: 12m
Pant Size: 12m
Shoe Size: Socks
Wishes: baby toys, learning toys colorful and noisy. Bibs, baby dishes and utensils, hair ties for baby, baby blankets, carseat rain cover.
I’m into: Toys that are loud, light up and colorful.
Favorite Colors: Pink, yellow, purple, blue