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Boy 12 yrs, Boy 7 yrs, Boy 4 yrs, Boy 3 yrs

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Child 1
Shirt Size: 14 to 16
Pant Size: 14 to 16
Shoe Size: 7 adult
Wishes: Clothes and anything electronic
I’m into:Simple cool stuff electronics and games for Nintendo or tablet
Favorite Colors: Blue and red and green

Child 2
Shirt Size: 10 to12
Pant Size: 10
Shoe Size: UK 13
Wishes: Anything sonic or scary monsters
I’m Into: Sonic and scary monsters also ninja turtles
Favorite Color: Blue and green and black

Child 3
Shirt Size: 5
Pant Size: 5
Shoe Size: 11k
Wishes: Anything sponge Bob and Mickie mouse or pickachu
I’m into: SpongeBob Mickie mouse and pickachu
Favorite Colors: Orange and green

Child 4
Shirt Size: 3 to 4
Pant Size: 3 to 4
Shoe Size: 8
Wishes: Drums blocks curious George cars clothes
I’m into: Drums blocks curious George cars clothes
Favorite Colors:Green blue