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Girl 21 yrs, Boy 20 yrs, Boy 19 yrs, Boy 15 yrs, Boy 17 yrs, Girl 11 yrs, Boy 7 yrs, Boy 2 yrs

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Child 1: Girl 21 yrs
Shirt Size: Small
Pant Size: Small
Shoe Size: 6.5
Wishes: Moschino purse, and or Selina Gomez purfume by Selina Gomez, it’s purple with a gold cap, and or Michael Kors Jacket size medium!
I’m into: I really want to learn how to crochet! And learn how to Bake!!
Favorite Colors: Red,black,white

Child 2: Boy 20 yrs
Shirt Size: Medium
Pant Size:Medium
Shoe Size: 8.5
Wishes: Matching sweats and sweater Nike or Champion, White or black TShirts,and or Nike Jacket!
I’m into: Nike and champion
Favorite Colors: Black, red,gray, white

Child 3: Boy 19 yrs
Shirt Size: Medium
Pant Size: Medium
Shoe Size: 7.5
Wishes: Sweater Nike, cologne, socks, and or Nike Dunk low shoes, black or gray
I’m into: Playing video games on Xbox!!
Favorite Colors: Black, gray, white

Child 4: Boy 15 yrs
Shirt Size: Small
Pant Size: Small
Shoe Size: 7.5
Wishes: Nike or Jordan shoes (black or red) sweater and cologne, and or socks,and or white Shirts!
I’m into: Video games on the Xbox, and playing soccer
Favorite Colors: Red, black,white,gray

Child 5: Boy 17 yrs
Shirt Size: Small
Pant Size: Small
Shoe Size: 8
Wishes: Nike Shoes black or white, sweater and sweats, and or cologne
I’m into: Anything that has to do with Anime
Favorite Colors: Black,gray, white

Child 6: Girl 11 yrs
Shirt Size: 12
Pant Size: 12
Shoe Size: 3
Wishes: Lol dolls and accessories, furry boots,clothes,
I’m into: Anime,and Roblox games
Favorite Colors: Pink, purple,

Child 7: Boy 7 yrs
Shirt Size: 8
Pant Size: 8
Shoe Size: 2
Wishes: Clothes, shoes nike or any kind, shorts , sweaters , and pants,
I’m into: Flying helicopters,or rc cars, and roblox games!soccer
Favorite Colors: Any

Child 8: Boy 2 yrs
Shirt Size: 3T
Pant Size: 3T
Shoe Size: 7
Wishes: Powered wheel car,and or clothes,and or toddler bed!!
I’m into: Coco melon and accessories, cars, tractors,
Favorite Colors: All colors