Family 300


Boy 7 months, Girl 5 years, Girl 8 years

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Child 1: Boy age 7 months
Shirt Size: 24mos – 2T
Pant Size: 24mos – 2T
Shoe Size: 4T
Wishes: Learning leapfrog, Talking Dog, Learning toys (not books)
I’m into: Things that make noise and that I can chew one
Favorite Colors: Blue, Orange, Green

Child 2: Girl age 5
Shirt Size: 6X – 7
Pant Size: 6X – 7
Shoe Size: 13T
Wishes: Simple books for learning to read, Tie Dye set, Snow suit set (no boots), Hand.Knee/Elbow Pad Set
I’m Into:Dolls, Animals, Crafts
Favorite Color: Pink, Purple

Child 3: Girl age 8
Shirt Size: 14
Pant Size: 14
Shoe Size: 6
Wishes: Fabric, Craft Supplies, Barnes & Noble Gift Card
I’m into: Sewing, Animals
Favorite Colors: Pink, Purple, Blue


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