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Boy 9 years, Girl 4 years, Boy 3 years

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Child 1: Boy 9 years
Shirt Size: 9/10
Pant Size: 9
Shoe Size: 5
Wishes: Shirt, pants, shoes, bike.
I’m into: Legos, cars, playdough, and board games.
Favorite Colors: Blue, black, green

Child 2: Girl 4 years
Shirt Size: 5t
Pant Size: 5t
Shoe Size: 9
Wishes: Pants, shoes, shirts.
I’m Into: Dolls, dinosaurs, babies, stuffed animals.
Favorite Color: Red, pink, purple, green.

Child 3: Boy 3 years
Shirt Size: 4t
Pant Size: 4t
Shoe Size: 8
Wishes: Pants, shirts, shoes.
I’m into: Cars, dinosaurs, books, stuffed animals.
Favorite Colors: Green, blue, red.