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Girl 20 yrs, Girl 17 yrs and Boy 13 yrs

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Child 1
Shirt Size: 4xl
Pant Size: 22
Shoe Size: 9 1/2
Wishes: Fitbit watch or headphones/ear buds
Favorite Colors: Red purple black

Child 2
Shirt Size: 5xl
Pant Size: 26
Shoe Size: 11 1/2
Wishes: The weeknd blanket, posters, gift card
I’m Into: Hair, makeup, the weeknd(singer), captain america, sunflowers, sloths
Favorite Color: Yellow blue pink

Child 3
Shirt Size: XL mens
Pant Size: 36 mens
Shoe Size: 9 1/2 mens
Wishes: Anything video game related, classic/vintage car or truck stuff
I’m into: Video gaming Xbox one
Virtual Reality gaming
Favorite Colors: Red purple black orange