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Boy 6 yrs, Boy 4 yrs & Boy, 3 yrs

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Child 1
Shirt Size: Medium kids
Pant Size: 10
Shoe Size: 3
Wishes: Legos, transformers, and super heros
I’m into: Minecraft, cooking and marvel
Favorite Colors: Rainbow

Child 2
Shirt Size: 5
Pant Size: 5
Shoe Size: 8
Wishes: Building blocks, trucks and stuffed animals
I’m Into: Boss baby, racecars, and make believe.
Favorite Color: Orange

Child 3
Shirt Size: 4
Pant Size: 4
Shoe Size: 6
Wishes: Play food, coloring books, and kick ball.
I’m into: Make believe, bluey, playing outside and coloring.
Favorite Colors: Blue