Family 400


Boy 4 yrs, Girl newborn, Boy 10 yrs & Boy 16

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Child 1
Shirt Size: 5-6/xs-s youth
Pant Size: 5-6/xs-s youth
Shoe Size: 12 youth
Wishes: Bluey ultimate playhouse OR something that can go indoors to help me get lots of energy out.
I’m into: Messy sensory play. The nightmare before christmas. Collecting things. Music and dancing
Favorite Colors: All the colors

Child 2
Shirt Size: 9 or 12 months
Pant Size: 9 or 12 months
Wishes: Blender/food processor (for making baby food)
I’m Into: Textures, going outside, colorful lights, Montessori type things
Favorite Color: All colors in pastels

Child 3
Shirt Size: Youth large
Pant Size: Youth large
Shoe Size: 5
Wishes: Bike tire pump
Pull up bar
I’m into: Gaming, sports, bikes, collecting things
Favorite Colors: Blue, red, black

Child 4
Shirt Size: 2XL
Pant Size: XL
Shoe Size: 15
Wishes: Speaker
I’m into: Gaming, anime, cars, drawing
Favorite Colors: Blue, green, black, purple