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Girl 9 yrs, Girl 7 yrs, Boy 4 yrs and Girl 2 yrs

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Child 1
Shirt Size: 12/14
Pant Size: 12/14
Shoe Size: 4
Wishes: Baby sets cribs , stroller.
Baby dolls
I’m into: Baby dolls
Favorite Colors: Pink

Child 2
Shirt Size: 7/8
Pant Size: 7/8
Shoe Size: 3
Wishes: Lol dolls
Rainbow high
I’m Into: Lol dolls
Rainbow high
Favorite Color: Pink and blue

Child 3
Shirt Size: 4t
Pant Size: 4t
Shoe Size: 9 in toddlers
Wishes: Power rangers
Ninja jammies
I’m into: Power rangers
Favorite Colors: Blue

Child 4
Shirt Size: 2t -3t
Pant Size: 2t -3t
Shoe Size: 7 toddler
Wishes: Baby dolls
I’m into: Baby dolls learning toys
Favorite Colors: Purple