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Boy 5yrs, Boy 2yrs, Boy 10yrs, Girl 16yrs

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Child 1 – Boy 5yrs
Shirt Size: 7 or 8
Pant Size: 7-9
Shoe Size: 1
Wishes: Pokemon card holder album, Pokemon cards, Boy costumes/ ninja or anything cool, Bike and helmet (if not to much), Bedroom stuff, twin bedding set, or cool pictures to hang for his bedroom
I’m into: He likes dj marshmallow, he loves God very much so anything to do with his faith would be awesome, Pokemon
Favorite Colors: Blue

Child 2 – Boy 2yrs
Shirt Size: 3or4
Pant Size: 3or4
Shoe Size: 8 in toddler
Wishes: Cocomelon, instep bike trailer, anything that plays music, A LITTLE GUITAR ??WOULD BE SO AWESOME! A toddler helmet
I’m Into: Music and rough housing
Favorite Color: Blue

Child 3 – Boy 10yrs
Shirt Size: 12
Pant Size: 12
Shoe Size: 5
Wishes: Roblox, Anything gaming or computer electronics, He also likes board games and bottle flipping.
I’m into: Gaming fortnight or Roblox
Favorite Colors: Red

Child 4 – Girl 15yrs
Shirt Size: XL
Pant Size: XL
Shoe Size: 9
Wishes: Curly hair products like mouse or anything for hair
I’m into: Being a teenage girl
Favorite Colors: Red