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Girl 7yrs, Girl 14.5yrs, Girl 15yrs, Boy 17yrs

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Child 1 – Girl 7yrs
Shirt Size: XL
Pant Size: L
Shoe Size: 2
Wishes: Robot dog that looks real and a rubix cube
I’m into: Lots of different things like learning to dress nice for school I want to match my classmates and have Lowell clothes I like to draw I love puppies and kitties and Legos and building things and slime and putty and Id love to beable to bike again but my bike got stolen
Favorite Colors: Blue and Red

Child 2 – Girl 14.5yrs
Shirt Size: M
Pant Size: M
Shoe Size: 8
Wishes: Make-up, creative things, camera, lashes, beads, hair dye ( purple or blue) nails blanket set. pillows
I’m Into: The earth things that bring peace and helping other people. I love to do lots of different activities and bringing smiles to others is my priority
Favorite Color: Black and White

Child 3 – Girl 15yrs
Shirt Size: XL
Pant Size: XL
Shoe Size: 10
Wishes: Camera and printer and make up
I’m into: Pictures and painting
Favorite Colors: Black and White

Child 4 – Boy 17yrs
Shirt Size: L
Pant Size: L
Shoe Size: 11
Wishes: Car stuff
I’m into: All things medical I?m going to go to collage to be a heart Surgeon
Favorite Colors: Pink