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Girl 16yrs, Girl 15yrs, Girl 4 yrs, Girl 2yrs

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Child 1 – Girl 16yrs
Shirt Size: S/M
Pant Size: 4
Shoe Size: 6.5
Wishes: Art supplies, bluetooth speaker, Stray kids music, k pop bedroom decor, earrings, camera instax fuji.
I’m into: Music and art
Favorite Colors: All colors

Child 2 – Girl 15yrs
Shirt Size: S
Pant Size: M
Shoe Size: 8
Wishes: Art supplies, earrings, jewelry, bedroom k pop decor, video games nintendo switch games
I’m Into: Music and art
Favorite Color: All colors

Child 3 – Girl 4yrs
Shirt Size: 6
Pant Size: 6
Shoe Size: 12
Wishes: play kitchen with kitchen items like blender, fake foods.
I’m into: Art, pre school activities and learning.
Favorite Colors: All girl colors

Child 4 – Girl 2yrs
Shirt Size: 3
Pant Size: 3
Shoe Size: 7
Wishes: Girls bike, with training wheels & helmet. black or pink. Crying dolls.
I’m into: Play with dolls.
Favorite Colors: Pink, blue, purple