Family 504


Boy 3 yrs, Girl 5 yrs, Girl 6 yrs, Girl 9 yrs, Boy 12 yrs

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Child 1: Boy age 3
Shirt Size: 4/5
Pant Size: 4/5
Shoe Size: 10 toddler
Wishes: Cocomelon toys, cars & trucks, balls
I’m into: Paw Patrol, Spidey & Friends
Favorite Colors: Blue

Child 2: Girl age 5
Shirt Size: 6/7
Pant Size: 6/7
Shoe Size: 11/12 wide toddler
Wishes: Toy tablet, toy computer and case, candy, rainbow cards
I’m Into: Encanto, craft projects
Favorite Color: Rainbow

Child 3: Girl age 6
Shirt Size: 7/8
Pant Size: 7/8
Shoe Size: 1 youth
Wishes: Unicorn stuffed animal, fluffy dog toy, makeup
I’m into: Unicorns, dogs, makeup
Favorite Colors: Pink

Child 4: Girl age 9
Shirt Size: 8/10
Pant Size: 8/10
Shoe Size: 4 youth
Wishes: Skateboard, roller blades
I’m into: Roblox game
Favorite Colors: Lavender

Child 5: Boy age 12
Shirt Size: 12/14
Pant Size: 12/14
Shoe Size: 6 youth
Wishes: Nerf gun, hoodies, basketball stuff, talking Pikachu, Project Image arcade game
I’m into: Playing basketball, Roblox
Favorite Colors: Red & black