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Boy 12 yrs, Girl 7 yrs, Girl 9 yrs, Boy 5 yrs, Boy 3 yrs, Girl 7 months

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Child 1: Boy age 12
Shirt size: 14/16
Pant size: 14/16
Shoe size: 11
Wishes: V-bucks 25$ or a Nintendo gift card
Fortnite action figures
I’m into: skate boarding, scootering, basketball, Pok?mon, comics, reading, and writing.
Favorite Colors: Red

Child 2: Girl age 7
Shirt size: 10/12
Pant size: 10/12
Shoe size: 3
Wishes: A pony to play with
A Nintendo gift card
I’m into: loves horses, wants to be a vet/doctor. Is very caring. Loves the color pink. Loves food. Loves to sing and dance.
Favorite Colors: Pink

Child 3: Girl age 9
Shirt size: 10/12
Pant size: 10/12
Shoe size: 3
Wishes: Anything Minnie Mouse
Life size doll Minnie Mouse theme
Nintendo gift card
Anything Disney to collect
I’m into: Minnie Mouse and Disney, loves the color purple. She is autistic and loves sensory things as well. She also loves music.
Favorite Colors: Purple

Child 4: Boy 5 yrs
Shirt size: 5/6
Pant size: 5/6
Shoe size: 2
Wishes: scooter
Nintendo gift card
Spider man toy
Paw patrol toy
I’m into: paw patrol, spider man, scootering, loves fuzzy blankets and pillows, dinosaurs.
Favorite Colors: All

Child 5: Boy age 3
Shirt size: 4/5
Pant size: 4/5
Shoe size: 12
Wishes: Paw patrol toy
Spider-Man toy
Bat-man toy
I’m into: loves paw patrol, spider man, dinosaurs, and is a typical 3 year old lol.
Favorite Colors: Blue

Child 6: Girl 7 months
Shirt size: 12 months
Pant size: 12 months
Shoe size: Doesn?t wear shoes but would be awesome:)
Wishes: Soft blankets
I’m into: Soft things
Loves squish mellows
Silly cups/dish wear
Whatever you think she would like 🙂
Favorite Colors: Pink, light green, light blue