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Girl 10 yrs, Boy 17, Girl 7 yrs, Boy 6 yrs Boy 3 yrs & Girl 2 yrs

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Child 1: Girl 10 yrs
Shirt size: 14/16
Pant size: 12/14
Shoe size: 5
Wishes: Hover board
Movie gift card (regal)
Moon sand
I’m into: Art, gymnastics, reading, music, creativity
Favorite Colors: Purple

Child 2: Boy 17 yrs
Shirt size: L
Pant size: 32
Shoe size: 12
Wishes: New shoes
Carthartt clothes for winter
Anything Cleveland browns (sports)
I’m into: Video games, graduating school, working
Favorite Colors: Blue

Child 3: Girl 7 yrs
Shirt size: 14/16
Pant size: 12
Shoe size: 3/3.5
Wishes: Hoverboard
Baby dolls
Movie tickets
I’m into: Art, cheerleading, movie nights
Favorite Colors: Pink

Child 4: Boy 6 yrs
Shirt size: 10
Pant size: 8/10
Shoe size: 2 Youth
Wishes: Hoverboard
Moon sand
Dinosaur toys
I’m into: Cars, trucks, moon sand, megnatiles
Favorite Colors: Blue and green

Child 5: Boy 3 yrs
Shirt size: 5/6
Pant size: 5/6
Shoe size: 1YOUTH
Wishes: Magnatiles
Art kits
Cars, trucks things that make sound,
I’m into: Books, magnatiles, parkour
Favorite Colors: Blue green black

Child 6: Girl 2 yrs
Shirt size: 5
Pant size: 5
Shoe size: 10
Wishes: Anything that lights up and sings, anything coco melon (we have the doll already)
Cowgirl boots size 10
Toddler bed/toddler bedding
I’m into: Coco melon, singing, dancing, copying everyone!
Favorite Colors: