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Girl 11 yrs, Boy 9 yrs, Girl 8 yrs, Boy 6 yrs, Boy 5 yrs, Girl 4 yrs, Boy 3 yrs

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Child 1: Girl age 11
Shirt size: Girls 10-12
Pant size: Girls 10
Shoe size: Youth 1.5
Wishes: Rainbow colored clothes, color changing sequin shrits, Little Pet Shop toys
I’m into: Big Friendly Giant books
Favorite Colors: Rainbows

Child 2: Boy age 9
Shirt size: Boys 14-16
Pant size: Boys 14-16
Shoe size: Youth 4.5
Wishes: Remote-controlled cars, black, white & red clothes
I’m Into: Fortnite, any books!
Favorite Color: Black, White & Red

Child 3: Girl age 8
Shirt size: Girls 8
Pant size: Girls 8
Shoe size: Toddler 12
Wishes: Stuffed animals, Roblox video game, tocaboca game (in book form with stickers)
Favorite Colors: Pink & Purple

Child 4: Boy age 6
Shirt size: Boys 6-7
Pant size: Boys 6-7
Shoe size: Toddler 13
Wishes: Hot wheels, monster trucks, dinosaurs
I’m into: Spiderman
Favorite Colors: Black, white, red

Child 5: Boy age 5
Shirt size: Boys 5-6
Pant size: Boys 5-6
Shoe size: Toddler 11
Wishes: Pikachu socks, Pokemon cards, Pikachu hat, Pikachu toys
I’m into: Pikachu
Favorite Colors: Yellow

Child 6: Girl age 4
Shirt size: Youth 5
Pant size: Youth 5
Shoe size: Toddler 9
Wishes: Rainbow clothes, gumball machine, princess dolls
I’m into: Moana, dogs
Favorite Colors: Rainbow

Child 7: Boy age 3
Shirt size: Boys 3
Pant size: Boys 3
Shoe size: Toddler 8
Wishes: Cars, Hot Wheels, action figures
I’m into: Encanto, Moana, Bluey
Favorite Colors: Blue