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Boy 1 yrs, Boy 6 yrs, Girl 10 yrs, Boy 14 yrs, Boy 16 yrs, Boy 18 yrs, Boy 19 yrs, Girl 20 yrs

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Child 1: Boy age 1
Shirt size: 24 months
Pant size: 24 months
Shoe size: 5 toddler
Wishes: High chair, car seat,
I’m into: Cocomelon, toys that light up with music
Favorite Colors: any

Child 2: Boy age 6
Shirt size: 7T
Pant size: 7T
Shoe size: Youth 1
Wishes: Motorcycle toy, flying helicopter toy
I’m Into: Soccer, fishing, remote-controlled cars or toys
Favorite Color: Gray, Neon green, White & Red

Child 3: Girl age 10
Shirt size: Girls 10-12
Pant size: Girls 10-12
Shoe size: Youth 2
Wishes: Tablet or LOL dolls or Bratz doll, furry boots
I’m Into: Cats, making slime
Favorite Colors: Pink, Purple, White

Child 4: Boy age 14
Shirt size: Small
Pant size: 14
Shoe size: 7
Wishes: Bike or drone or flying helicopter, men’s cologne
I’m into: Soccer, music, sports
Favorite Colors: Red, Black, Gray

Child 5: Boy age 16
Shirt size: Medium
Pant size: 16
Shoe size: 7
Wishes: Hygiene set, Anime, action figures
I’m into: Anime, Marvel cinematic universe
Favorite Colors: Black, white

Child 6: Boy age 18
Shirt size: Large in juniors
Shoe size: 7.5
Wishes: Gaming headset
I’m into: Gaming, Anime
Favorite Colors: Gray, Black, White

Child 7: Boy age 19
Shirt size: Large
Pant size: 32-34
Shoe size: 8
Wishes: Earphones, Nautica hygiene set, Brush, Coat
Favorite Colors: Red, White, Black, Gray

Child 8: Girl age 20
Shirt size: Small
Pant size: 1, 24, 5, XS
Shoe size: 5/6
Wishes: Instax Camera or Film camera, Makeup
I’m Into: Makeup, photography, painting, art
Favorite Colors: Pink, Purple, Red, Black, any color in the rainbow